Factors Logistic Services Consider When Charging The Customers

You are going to pay charges for using logistic services. The company may charge customers depending on different factors. You have to be aware of these factors so you can calculate approximately how much you pay them for their services.

  • Any Logistics services afghanistan will charge customers based on shipment weight
  • The team will also consider the shipment mode before charging the customers
  • You have to pay more money if you demand extra services

Freight charge calculation

Freight charges are mainly based on freight class and weight of the shipment goods. You have to pay more if you are going to use a full shipment container.

The team will also calculate the charges based on freight class. If you are using a road transport system then you pay less as compared to air freight charges. You can check with rates at FGi Solutiononline for the best approximation.

Distance and time frame

You will certainly have to pay for the logistic services based on the distance covered. If you are moving the goods across borders then the rates will be more.

When you hire logistic services always keep this factor in mind. The more time frame you are going to use these services higher the rate you pay them. You can check with DHL Afghanistan price list and then book them.

Some services will also charge more money for quick delivery time. They provide express services for extra cost. When using express services your goods are also insured. You may not have to worry about damages during shipment.

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