Our team

Our Team

FGi has a team with transparent background of highly educated, professional, and organized national and international individuals with qualifications from world’s renowned universities; who dedicate their time in delivering best customer experience.

Country Head – Afghan Operations
Fazal Hadi heads our afghan operations. He is a young and energetic entrepreneur who has good local knowledge and exeprience. He is fluent in Pashto, Persian, and English.
Faisal Ghafar
CEO and Founder
Mr. Faisal Ghafar is the founder and CEO of FGI Solutions. He built FGi Solutions from an innovative idea into a multimillion-dollar business
Program Manager
Jason F. Lopez is the program manager for FGi’s Afghanistan operations. He holds MSc in philosophy from the University of Santo Tomas
Business Development Manager
Mr. Idrees is the Business Development Manager for FGi’s. He holds MBA in Business Management from Birmingham City University, UK.
Supply Chain Specialist
Mr. Rasouli runs the supply chain department of FGi. He has an undergraduate degree in business management from Rana University.
Transport Manager
Mr. Rahimzai is the Transport Manager for FGi. He holds undergraduate degree in business management from Khurasan University.
Advisor – Business Consultancy
Mr. Nesar is the Business Consultancy Advisor and Head for FGi Consultancy programs.