Business Consultancy

Business Consultancy

FGI provides business consulting services with expertise in the Afghan Market. Our core services include legal & business advice, employee training, digital marketing, income tax clearance, licensing (obtaining and renewal of business/trade license), import, and export duty clearance.

Financial Services 

  • Finance Out-Sourcing:

You can outsource your entire financial department. FGI professional team will take care of all cashbooks, bank accounts, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, taxation, reporting, and much more.


  • QuickBooks, Odoo, and Financial System:

Looking for digitalization of your business? No worries, we can help you in setting up and installation of QuickBooks and Odoo for your business. We will assess your business needs to find out which edition of QuickBooks or Odoo best fits for you.

  • Tax Services:

Tax compliance is a very challenging part of every business in Afghanistan. Our professional team will make sure that your company complies with tax laws and regulations. We will avoid the payment of extra taxes (Tax Penalties) by on time and accurate tax reporting and processing.

Non-Financial Services 

  • Business Setup Services

Are you looking to start a new business or NGO in Afghanistan? We can help you obtain the most relevant license for your planned commercial or non-commercial activities. We will help you develop a strong foundation for your organization by making sure that your registration and business process complies with Afghanistan Laws.

  • Visa Services

FGI provides professional PR services with a well-experienced team, which helps you arrange your visa quickly and without any hassle. FGI’s visa services include but are not limited to obtaining an invitation letter, single-entry visa, work permit, converting signal entry visa to multiple-entry visa, extensions of tourist visa, etc.

  • Employee Trainings:

Whether you are an experienced manager, someone newly promoted to an advisory role, or an employee seeking professional development growth, our portfolio of training programs is designed to enhance core skills and result in successful outcomes. We are offering training of QuickBooks, Odoo, Taxation, Financial Procedures, Payroll, and E-Filing Taxation System.